Why Choose Us

  • A team of qualified engineers with vast experience in product design
  • The team has 100 years of combined experience in providing technical publications for customers in the following sectors: automotive, industrial, aerospace, defence, shipping and power stations
  • We have more than 25 years of experience in accurate and high quality technical translations

What Clients Say

“Dennis Eagle is the leading supplier of refuse collection vehicles to the UK and has a significant presence in Australia and the EU. During the past 10 years, TVS ITS  has been Dennis Eagle’s sole supplier of technical publications. This has included every aspect of the job from information gathering,  technical authorship, compilation of manuals, all illustrations and schematics, translations into numerous languages and the introduction of a bespoke electronic parts catalogue and parts distribution system supplying all countries where our products are marketed. In my experience they have always been very customer focussed and proactive, and always strive to achieve the highest quality products within the agreed timescales despite constantly changing requirements with which they have coped exceptionally well. All of the TVS SCS team are friendly, helpful and reliable and it has, and will continue to be, a pleasure to work with them for the foreseeable future.”
“We have used TVS ITS for a number of electronic display projects for the off-highway vehicle sector. Not only do they have a thorough understanding of the technical requirements, but it is their creativity that sets them apart from the competition. This has added huge value to their services and in turn, our products.”
Julian Athawes, Director - Halomec
“During September 2013, TVS SCS completed a graphical package for use in our refuse collection vehicles from initial concepts through to delivery of a complete graphical package – in the exact format as required. This involved creating professional-looking graphics (unique to our organisation), presenting a common theme across different products – all handled by a dedicated and committed media specialist.”
“I am in charge of Aftermarket projects for Renault Trucks. I have been working with TVS since 2010, when we tasked them with the production of the aftermarket documentation (spare parts catalog, operator’s handbook, repair manuals etc.) for one of our range of vehicles, plus the corresponding translations.
I really appreciate the professionalism of teams in TVS: their knowledge and experience both at a technical level and in the creation of this type of documentation.
My contacts at TVS are very reactive, make every effort to respond to our requests and in addition are very friendly.”