TVS Supply Chain Solutions is exhibiting at the DVD Show (Defence Vehicle Dynamics) on 25th and 26th June 2014, Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire. Please come and meet the team at the TVS Café in  Concept 3. To register for a ticket follow this link

DVD is one of the most important events in the defence diary for those involved in the equipment and support for the UK’s Land Forces. DVD is Defence Equipment and Support’s (DE&S) annual stakeholder event for the Land Equipment community. DVD brings together the acquisition community with military personnel and industry organisations for two days of informal discussion and briefings.

DVD2014 will be jointly sponsored by the Army and DE&S Land Equipment, recognising the new capability role taken on by the Army as part of Defence Transformation.

As the combat mission in Afghanistan reduces, the focus for equipment planning and support shifts towards a return to contingent operations and delivering the Army 2020 structures. This transition, undertaken at a time of austere funding, will require innovation in the way in which equipment can be prepared for the new roles and sustained efficiently.  DVD2014 provides an opportunity to reflect on this challenge and for industry, the Army and DE&S to review the equipment capabilities, requirements, technologies and processes that will deliver this transition.

DVD2014 provides the focus in 2014 for engagement between industry, DE&S Land Equipment and the Army to review through life equipment support in the context of a transition from Afghanistan and a return to contingency. Innovative and efficient solutions for the upgrade and upkeep of land equipment will provide a focus for discussions.

Held over two days at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire it is organised by DE&S, which is the part of the MOD responsible for equipping and supporting the UK’s Armed Forces for current and future operations.