In February 2014 TVS SCS were approached by Electricity North West Limited (ENWL) to create an Electronic Ordering Portal (EOP) for use by their Engineers. At the time ENWL did not have a web-based means of ordering parts and getting them delivered to specific locations.

The brief was simple. The EOP had to show the part number and description and extended description, it had to have order on-line capabilities but did not require images of the product to be shown. No structure was given by the client and the deadlines for producing the portal were extremely tight.

The process was started by ENWL who sent us a list of part numbers which the ITS team then analysed and developed a structure – based on categories for each of the part descriptions. For example all tools were placed in the ‘Tools and Consumables’ section, Transformers in the ‘Transformers and Switchgear’ section and so on until all the parts were allocated to a specific section. Parts were then reallocated and placed in the appropriate section on the Product Data Management (PDM) system. Finally, we worked on the design of the Portal to ensure we used the client’s brand guidelines.