One of the many strengths of the Product Data Management (PDM) system is the ability to let end-users take ownership for creating new parts and products.

Added value can still be maintained by allowing the user to ‘assign’ the part or product through workflow to a member of the ITS team for approval prior to promoting to the TVS SCS Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) system.

Traditionally all areas of the business raised parts on a ‘Part Add’ form and sent them to a member of the ITS team to add and promote in the old Sherpa PDM system. This led to delays in raising new parts, increasing the potential for data entry errors and skilled Product Analysts having to manually key-in parts information.

The new system allows users to create their own new parts and to assign these to a skilled analyst for approval prior to promotion:

  • Reducing turn-round time
  • Negating the need for Product Analysts to key-in parts
  • Maintaining ‘value add’ by policing parts before they go to ERP – eliminating costly mistakes
  • Giving end-users a greater sense of ownership in the process of creating new parts and products
  • Allowing end-users to attach various documents such as e-mails, documents, photographs and drawings to a part in order to provide a central repository of essential information
  • Allowing full traceability of changes controlled by issue levels and user notes

To date, departments that have taken advantage of the new PDM system include:

  • TVS SCS Defence at Chorley
  • TVS SCS Defence at Bicester
  • TVS SCS Production team at Daventry
  • TVS SCS Inspection at Chorley
  • TVS SCS Purchasing at Chorley

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