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TVS SCS ‘Roll-out’ Msys.PDM


One of the many strengths of the Product Data Management (PDM) system is the ability to let end-users take ownership for creating new parts and products.

Added value can still be maintained by allowing the user to ‘assign’ the part or product through workflow to a member of […]

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Isuzu Truck Japanese Data EPC

In September of 2013 TVS SCS were challenged with creating an Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) on behalf of Isuzu Trucks UK (ITUK) using the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) data supplied by Isuzu Motors Japan (IMJ).

The data format and the complexity of the logic contained within it were the main challenges that needed to be overcome.

Throughout […]

TVS SCS ‘Launches’ ENWL Ordering Portal

In February 2014 TVS SCS were approached by Electricity North West Limited (ENWL) to create an Electronic Ordering Portal (EOP) for use by their Engineers. At the time ENWL did not have a web-based means of ordering parts and getting them delivered to specific locations.

The brief was simple. The EOP had to show the part […]

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TVS ITS will be attending the Defence Vehicle Dynamics

TVS Supply Chain Solutions is exhibiting at the DVD Show (Defence Vehicle Dynamics) on 25th and 26th June 2014, Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire. Please come and meet the team at the TVS Café in  Concept 3. To register for a ticket follow this link

DVD is one of […]

Quality Management System – ISO 9001

TVS Supply Chain Solutions proves its ability to consistently provide products and services that meets the needs of our customers and other relevant stakeholders through the operation of a Quality Management System that meets ISO 9001:2008 standards. Application of this process orientated management system helps:

Improve product, process and service quality.
Increase customer satisfaction levels.
Improve productivity and reduce waste.
Gives us a competitive advantage.
Budgetary Control.
Ensure that we meet our contractual obligations and expectations in many industry sectors.


Environmental Management System – ISO14001

TVS Supply Chain Solutions effectively manages its environmental impacts that its activities have on the environment through the operation of an Environmental Management System that meets ISO 14001:2004 standards. Application of this process orientated management system helps:

Demonstrate our commitment to pollution prevention and our improved management of environmental risk.
Ensure compliance with legislative and other requirements by providing a systematic approach for identifying and meeting current and future legislation.
Ensure that we are fulfilling policy commitments and making continual improvement against specific targets to meet overall objectives.