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FAQ Page2019-08-29T12:54:52+01:00
Change Notifications2014-07-07T16:22:21+01:00

A document which records and authorizes a change or a series of changes to a design. A change notification will always include the reasons for the change being introduced.

A change action can be classified using different terms, the principles and outcomes are the same:

  • PCN – Product Change Notification
  • ECN – Engineering Change Notification
  • EAN – Engineering Advice Notification
Bill of Materials (BOM)2014-07-07T16:21:39+01:00

A list of materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.

A Bill of Materials can be classified in different forms:

  • Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM)
    • Defines the end product as it is designed
  • Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM)
    • Defines the end product as it is manufactured
  • Service Bill of Material (SBOM)
    • Defines the end product as it is maintained
Msys Services2019-08-29T12:54:54+01:00

TVS SCS are a Supply Chain Solutions provider of business critical systems and services specialising in the Automotive, Defence, Utilities and Retail market sectors.

This experience provides us with a unique insight to provide ‘fit for purpose’ software solutions configured precisely to client operational requirements. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and providing them with a consultancy service in which to understand their business and review their operational requirements and processes and align the systems solutions accordingly.

The Msys Applications have been developed in-house by our UK-based programmers and continues to be developed to meet our client’s demanding environments. Many of our applications have been born from our own initial requirements and are used internally by the TVS Group today and are constantly tested with ‘live’ feedback being provided by our end-users.

Below are brief details of each of our specialist and highly configurable solutions:

Msys.BIR (Business Intelligence Reporting)2014-07-07T14:05:14+01:00

is a web-enabled reporting tool that integrates with all of the Msys solutions to provide high impact reports, presented in a Dashboard format. Msys.BIR can provide reports on one or all of the Msys family, depending on our customer requirements.

Msys.WMS (Warehouse Management System)2014-07-07T14:05:21+01:00

utilises real-time information to optimise the throughput, performance and accuracy of any warehouse and distribution centre’s processes and controls

Msys.PDM (Product Data Management)2014-07-07T14:05:35+01:00

is an extensive Product Data Management Solution, providing customers with ultimate control over parts data and replacement part release sequence. Msys.PDM manages manufacturing Bill of Material (BOM) and conversion to an aftermarket catalogue, whether electronic or hard copy.

Msys.EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue)2019-08-29T12:54:54+01:00

is an illustrated service BOMs, assembly, revision, and distribution of aftermarket parts information service,utilising an illustrated 2D or 3D parts drawings or images presented in a catalogue-style format. Being web-based allows users from anywhere in the world to access your products and aftermarket parts.

Msys.MRM (Mobile Resource Management)2014-07-07T14:05:53+01:00

is a real-time resource planning, job scheduling solution that incorporates sophisticated planning systems and job deployment through mobile device technology. Deployed to any field-based engineer workforce, the system provides optimised work routing and data capture of all work undertaken.

Msys.SIP (Supply Information Portal)2014-07-07T14:06:01+01:00

is designed with your suppliers in mind. The portal providers your suppliers with purchase information, allowing them to manage the level of stock they deliver and schedule amendments as may be required to keep product supply levels constant.

Msys.DFP (Demand Forecast & Planning)2019-08-29T12:54:54+01:00

has been developed by our in-house IT experts to reduce client inventory and deliver substantial improvements in product availability. Msys.DFP is used internally and by many of the customers which we service.

Msys.ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)2014-07-07T14:06:21+01:00

is a fully-integrational all encompassing Logistics Life-cycle Software solution. Designed with our successful parent company in mind, the solution provides full logistics functionality that any supplier would expect; from procurement, inbound and outbound stock flow and FiFo utilisation and this is fully supported by financial ledgers with integration to many of the market leading Account Management Software providers.

Quality Management System – ISO 9001

TVS Supply Chain Solutions proves its ability to consistently provide products and services that meets the needs of our customers and other relevant stakeholders through the operation of a Quality Management System that meets ISO 9001:2008 standards. Application of this process orientated management system helps:

Improve product, process and service quality.
Increase customer satisfaction levels.
Improve productivity and reduce waste.
Gives us a competitive advantage.
Budgetary Control.
Ensure that we meet our contractual obligations and expectations in many industry sectors.


Environmental Management System – ISO14001

TVS Supply Chain Solutions effectively manages its environmental impacts that its activities have on the environment through the operation of an Environmental Management System that meets ISO 14001:2004 standards. Application of this process orientated management system helps:

Demonstrate our commitment to pollution prevention and our improved management of environmental risk.
Ensure compliance with legislative and other requirements by providing a systematic approach for identifying and meeting current and future legislation.
Ensure that we are fulfilling policy commitments and making continual improvement against specific targets to meet overall objectives.