Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)

Product identification needs to be fast and effective in any market sector. To meet this requirement, we have developed Msys.EPC, which is a web-based Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) enabling end-users to accurately identify their product before they order on-line.

All product related data is linked, encrypted and stored in a single data repository. This makes the product identification process fast and accurate, removing duplication and inaccurate selection which can lead to a high level of returns.

Msys.EPC has been developed on the Microsoft .NET platform, future proofing the investment in EPC and enabling high-resolution imagery, fast search routines and efficient translation referencing.

The EPC improves the efficiency of a client’s supply chain through accurate product identification. This leads to fewer stock returns and a more precise stock profile based on current levels of demand.

Terminology and language can often be barriers to correctly identifying products. Our EPC is multi-lingual and uses a wide range of graphics to help to support the end-user experience.

Our content rich catalogue allows users to identify the unique parts associated with a particular product using either a reference or registration number as a search facility. This is supported by product images and drawings. All product data is stored on a secure server hosted on-site in our data centre at Chorley, protecting the integrity of the part and ensuring that it is not exposed to copyright infringement.

Features include

  • Order Processing
  • e-Ordering
  • e-Cataloguing
  • Parts Validation
  • Budgetary Control
  • Technical Publishing

Benefits Include

  • Reduced Processing Costs
  • Reduced Ordering Errors
  • Fewer Returns
  • Improved Product Control
  • Tighter Budget Control


Product records provided by the client are stored in the Product Data Management (PDM) technical data repository and transferred to the EPC to enable rapid retrieval of individual product details and parts fitted to that specific product. Users can also build up a library of ‘My Products’ to alleviate the need to search for products which, for example, are scheduled for regular safety checks.

Documentation such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), drawings, fitting instructions, photographs or general information can be published in the EPC against an individual part or product or simply held in PDM to be viewed at a later date.

On-line ordering is available on the EPC. A user can select a basket of parts, place the order and then track it on ‘Placed Orders’. Users can also get visibility of predicted delivery dates on back-order lines by viewing ‘Placed Orders’. The powerful search facility allows users to search for part numbers, part descriptions, documents, cross-references and products in one handy tool.

We have also included a feedback facility which allows users to ask questions about parts and products. Our in-house technical experts are on hand to quickly respond to user questions.

“TVS SCS was the ideal choice for us when it came to deciding who should provide us with electronic parts cataloguing. We are very pleased with our choice, TVS SCS have been flexible in working with us to meet our specific needs.“

John Twomey
MD Technical Operations
Dennis Eagle Limited