Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the end-user experience. We create unique graphical designs that help your end-users operate your equipment more easily.

We focus on the use of typography, symbols, colour and layout to help create a strong visual identity for your company.

The screen designs we create are used in many different equipment applications and across a number of sectors including: agriculture, construction, municipal vehicles etc. Each application has its own unique range of functions and these must be represented on screen using easily recognisable pictograms (icons or graphics). In turn, these pictograms must be arranged in a logical sequence alongside generic information such as vehicle speed. The aim is to create a visual interface which is easy to use, attractive, innovative and reflects the vehicle manufacturer’s corporate image.

We are the preferred partner for ifm electronic ltd who have developed, produced and sold sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation worldwide since 1969.

How our time is split when creating a unique User Interface