Product Data Management

Msys.PDM provides an extensive Product Data Management (PDM) service which includes the following features: a Manufacturer’s Bill of Material (MBOM) which is converted into an aftermarket catalogue, product illustrations (line drawings, 2D and 3D images), multi-language translations and supersession (or product upgrade) control. This information is maintained in a single product data repository.

The flexibility in Msys.PDM allows accurate data management of any product type ranging from automotive vehicles to kitchen equipment for home installation.


Value add

  • End-to-end management of product data, including supplementary parts, product breakdowns and documentation
  • Team of qualified Engineers with vast experience in product design and manufacturing
  • Use of rigidly controlled procedures for new products, amended products or supersessions
  • A secure repository for rapid retrieval


How we can help you:

  • Receive and manage Product Change Notes (PCN’s)
  • Access engineering data from drawings, Bills of Materials and other documents
  • Manage drawing history and records
  • Liaise with suppliers for detailed assembly information to component level
  • Create drawings for ‘serviced’ parts to enable procurement and stocking to take place
  • Manage supersessions
  • Set-up service kits
  • Check original engineering data (as part of analysis process)
  • Create EPC templates for new products which are based on Bill of Material data
  • Manage product and technical records
  • Answer technical queries



TVS ITS can now offer both on-site or off-site training for both the Product Data Management (PDM) and Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) platforms.

Because of the flexibility now offered by the in-house developed PDM system, end-users can input their own parts and ‘assign’ them (through workflow) to an experienced Parts Analyst at TVS for Quality Assurance (QA) prior to ‘publishing’ to the ERP/EPC environments. With this in mind, end-users will need training in how to do this.

The end-users can visit Chorley to spend time with an ‘expert’ trainer or we will come to you! Either way, we will deliver a training package tailored to the clients specific needs.

In both cases the training is supplemented by a series of ‘how to’ videos which trainees can reference (at any time).
The following clients have already taken advantage of this training:

  • Defence: In-house at Chorley HQ
  • Defence at Bicester: On-site at Bicester
  • Production at Daventry: On-site at Daventry

A key aspect of the EPC is that TVS ITS now offer training for new clients. The most recent example of this being ISUZU Truck UK who already had an existing parts catalogue, but it could not offer the functionality provided by the TVS EPC equivalent. Due to the increased complexity on offer, TVS were able to provide a mix of training ISUZU personnel both on-site at Chorley and at various sites around the UK. The training allowed the new ISUZU EPC to be successfully launched on the 19th of June 2014.