Catalogue Structure

In order to help end-users find the right part first time, the Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) has to have a structure to help them navigate effortlessly to the correct part.

The complexity or simplicity of the structure may vary according to the type of product involved and the level to which parts are serviced.

The catalogue structure is produced from either an Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM), Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) or a ‘flat’ list of parts. Our team of skilled Product Analysts can look at all this information and then produce the Service Bill of Material (SBOM) which then forms the EPC structure.

Alternatively, the structure can be derived from a ‘flat’ list of parts – in both cases the structure having been mapped out first can be inputted directly into the Product Data Management system. Specific information regarding models, groups, sub-groups and parts can then be entered.

In addition parts relating to a specific product number, related documents and additional primary and secondary information can be linked to an individual product. When fully structured there is a direct correlation between model to parts and individual parts used on specific models.