Product Analysis

Our team of Product Analysts are qualified engineers who bring both long-term experience and a fresh, innovative approach to product analysis.

The team ensures that all aspects of a part or product are recorded and made available to both the Electronic Parts Catalogue and our Warehouse  – ensuring that the right part is available at the time of ordering.

Value Add

Giving due consideration to new product or item introduction with regard to effectivity type, applicability and project number
Creating information which breaks down product parts to component level and providing technical, safety and commercial documentation
Hold relevant drawing information within the Product Data Management (PDM) system ensuring that the latest issue level is maintained
Create part record entities that details part number, description, issue date, change notice, project, related model, effectiveness and applicability etc
Ensuring the correct parts are always supplied for a product and that stock is effectively managed to use-up existing stock where applicable
Create service kits for customer convenience when ordering ‘bundles’ of parts required to perform specific service activities
In some cases detailed product analysis can identify issues which are subsequently fed back to client engineering