[White Paper Title] Visual Collaboration
[Company Name] Marqueed
[Prepared by] Steve Johnson
[Date] 19/06/2013

[Executive Summary] As we look to extend our range of GUI design services to both prospective and existing customers we need a software tool which looks professional, is simple to use, will improve (and ultimately increase) our collaboration workflow.

Ideally, we need a web based application which will integrate with our task management application, Asana, and is a suitable alternative to sending emails and/or Acrobat files.

The artwork needs to be stored in a single place, rather than distributing to different individuals in order to critique (with real time feedback).

Marqueed is one option. Other companies providing visual collaboration applications are:

  • Backboard
  • ConceptShare
  • ProofHQ
  • Cozimo
  • Review Basics
  • Fine Tuna
  • Fleck
  • Vyoopoint

[The Company] About Marqueed:
Marqueed is a simple and intuitive online app that allows users to securely share & communicate about images. The company was founded by husband and wife, John and Zerna Karian, who have worked extensively in graphic design, animation, photography and image retouching. The application was launched in March 2012 with the main aim of ‘Simplifying the process of sharing and discussing images’.

The Brooklyn based company has been referred to as the ‘Yammer for image collaboration’ and model themselves after internet companies such as  Dropbox – companies who’ve done a great job of targeting individuals at a company, that then introduce the service to others.

The application allows people to easily “point” at a part of the picture while talking about it, use the freehand tool to draw out ideas and also keeps all discussion organised for you to review.

The first two collections you create on a free account will be private ones (by default), and each subsequent one will be a public collection giving you a total of 100MB storage space for your images. For increased space and more private collections, there are a paid upgrades available. Marqueed supports PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF,and PSD file formats.

You can change the visibility of a collection from private to public (or vice versa) from the lock buttons at the top of a collection. Marqueed lets you create groups, and share multiple collections with them.

Simply drag n’ drop files straight from your computer, from another browser window or upload from Dropbox and Google Drive. Anyone with a valid email address can be invited to participate in the discussion. Marqueed also lets you grab entire web pages by simply entering a URL.


  • Easily Add Multiple Images
  • Add Collaborators
  • Markup and Discuss Your Images
  • Activity Feed Keeps Track of the Progress
  • Quickly Grab Images from Other Sites
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Works with the Tools You Already Use
  • Snapshots of Web Pages
  • Labels and Descriptions Keep you Organized
  • Groups help you manage projects and people
  • Guest access
  • Custom branding
  • Integrates with Asana
  • Free

Creating a Collection:
There is a space in the main screen that is dedicated to creating new collections simply by typing in the name of the collection you would like to make.

Once you’ve named and created the collection, you can then start adding images to the collection. Marqueed offers a variety of ways in which to add images, ensuring that you can easily add images no matter your situation. Marqueed also offers a bookmarklet which allows you to save any of the images on any web page.

As you’re adding images, you’ll have a few options to change in order to make sure that the information associated with the image is correct. When the image is imported, you are able to change the title, description, and labels (tags). You can also click on any images in the collection view in order to change this basic information via the image settings panel. The collection view is also the place to delete/rearrange images as needed.

Changing the image settings:
The last step before you share your collection with your fellow team members is to double-check the collection settings. This is where you can change the name and trigger email notifications for any activity within the collection. More importantly, this is where you manage who can see/interact with your collection. If you leave the collection private (the default option), then only those individuals that you invite can see the collection. If you choose to make the collection public then it shows up on your profile and anyone on Marqueed can see the collection.

Viewing and Collaborating:
Once the collection is complete, simply enter the email addresses for those you wish to invite to the collection on the collection page. If you have collaborated previously, you can enter their name and invite them within Marqueed to come and collaborate on that particular collection.

There are two different tools to use in order to annotate and discuss the images. First is the marquee tool -,the namesake for the application. With the marquee tool you can easily draw a rectangular box anywhere on the image. A comment thread is then created for that particular part of the image.

The other tool is the freehand tool, used when you need to draw on the image before commenting. The freehand tool is great for showing simple corrections on mockups, adding components to images and more. As with the marquee, once your drawing is complete a comment thread is created for that section of the image.

[Benefits] In summary:
Simple – Intuitive and lightweight workflow,
Social – Easily add multiple collaborators,
Powerful – Give clear feedback and work faster and ‘smarter’.